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Written by Together We Are UT

The Team

Our campaign is called Together. We intentionally chose the name Together because it represents the impact we want to have on the University of Tennessee. We want to see a sense of connectedness, unity, and inclusivity on campus.

Our executive team consists of Dalton Teel, Student Body Presidential candidate, Xavier Greer, Vice Presidential candidate, Maddie Stephens, Student Services Director candidate, and Maya Bian, Board of Trustees Student Representative candidate. We also have 24 wonderful senators running alongside us for specific senate seats in Student Government.

We are extremely passionate about serving students and advocating for an inclusive community on Rocky Top. We have all been previously involved in SGA through various branches. We have extensive knowledge of the organization from the inside, but combined with our outside perspective, our innovative approach can be transformative for the organization as a whole.


We are different than other previous SGA campaigns because all of our exec members had deep, personal relationships prior to deciding to run for election. Due to our prior friendship, we already have strong bonds with each other, and thus are equipped and ready to take on these challenging leadership roles.

In addition, we have purposefully surrounded ourselves with a team that represents countless diverse viewpoints and experiences. Our goal is to make sure all these perspectives have a seat at the table, with a voice and representation in SGA.

Problem. Solution.

UTK is a multilayered institution, with countless different student groups, organizations, and communities. We believe one of the biggest issues facing our campus is trying to connect these communities and build bridges across various divides that exist on campus. We want to use SGA as that bridge, instigating collaboration and partnerships between different student groups on campus, as well as serving as an open line of communication and window of access for students to administration.

Vol For Life

Being a Volunteer means being committed to service. Being a volunteer means being a Torchbearer - “One that beareth a torch, shadoweth oneself to give light to others.” That is the creed to our university and the driving force behind everything that we do.


Our campaign is unique because we are a team of distinct individuals, that all bring a different perspectives to crucial conversations. We are truly a team, ready to approach this opportunity to serve students with transparency, authenticity, and passion.

Our campaign is focusing on four As to improve the togetherness on-campus - access, affordability, advocacy, and accountability

Additionally, a couple of the specific policies that we’re pushing for are the following:

1. Increase the time between classes from 15 minutes to 20 minutes to help students commuting from the Ag campus, sorority village and students that may have physical disabilities.

2. Creating an online portal called Vol Access to streamline all the resources available to students on one easily navigable online site.

3. Continue working toward establishing a damp campus, which would include establishing wet spots on campus for students that are 21+ to be able to drink on campus.

4. Expanding the book loan program to eventually establish small libraries in residence halls that have the gen. Ed. books that most students need.

5. Advocate for mental health awareness on campus and work to bring a counselor to each residence hall to make that resource more accessible for students.

7. Expand dining hall hours and eventually work toward having a 24-hour dining hall

8. Finally, we want the Diversity & Inclusion initiatives to be congruent across all colleges and increases the availability for those resources so that every Vol can learn of the importance and value of diversity and inclusion.

Integrity. Honesty. Community.

Each and every one of the members of our campaign running for an executive seat or a senate seat have shared values that are rooted in integrity, honesty, and community. When those of us running for exec first met, we felt a natural gravitation to each other because of our up-front authenticity and passion for serving students. We have consistently been involved in roles in organizations on campus dedicated to serving students from all backgrounds and experiences, such as serving as Orientation Leaders, Ignite Team Leaders, CASNR Ambassadors, ME4UT Ambassadors, FYC Members, Leadership Knoxville Scholars, Greek Life members, and other areas of involvement on campus. We have been connected to communities across campus since the day we enrolled at UT-- our dedication to our fellow Vols truly has been consistent and intentional, and will continue to remain so if elected to our positions.

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