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In With The Old serves as a fully functional vintage apparel drop-shipping partner for your e-commerce website. We specialize in sourcing and processing large amounts of vintage apparel and have the technology to integrate it with your Shopify store. We handle everything from sourcing, cleaning, photographing, merchandising and shipping product - branded as your store. 

We have found that offering vintage or used product on your website provides three unique opportunities:

  1. Sustainability: Currently there is no truly sustainable manufacturing option in the apparel industry. The closest we can get to "sustainable" is increasing the longevity of a product. We have found that younger consumers are more likely to purchase from brands who offer a resale or eco-conscious option.
  2. New Customers: The lower price point of used apparel allows for new customer segments to experience your brand. This leads to increased lifetime value and brand loyalty. 
  3. Content: Each article of clothing synced with your store becomes a unique piece of content to share with your audience. We have found that a weekly updated content and product feed is something only a vintage apparel seller can offer. 

Managing one-of-one SKUs is difficult. Here at In With The Old we are perfecting the process of offering you high quality used goods at no risk. If you are interested in learning more about our vintage drop-shipping program, please shoot us an email at

Our Partners:

The Sandlot Vintage